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 60 Minutes


60 Minutes


Back Treatment

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, relaxation massage and moisture/protection.


Full Body Dry Brush & Hydration

Invigorate the skin by stimulating blood flow. Working with the lymphatic system dry brushing helps remove toxins, softens  the skin and improves the look of cellulite. Complete the treatment with a head-to-toe hydration application.


60 Minutes



Each treatment begins with a brief consultation, from there we call upon our Angels to help guide us through our treatment with focus on balancing the Chakras and releasing any blockage. This is a hand-on approach  to relax the body and mind.

*This is not a massage, it is an exchange of energies. We do not diagnose, prescribe, cure or treat illnesses. This is not covered by insurance.



30 Minutes


Guided Meditation

Each meditation begins with intention setting, proper bodily alignment, and introduction to breathwork. Find total solitude within the body, mind, and spirit as we journey together with soothing music, voice, and a calm atmosphere to reach inner peace.

*Group sessions available at additional charge*


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